What Are Essential Foods for a Gluten Free Diet?

Although individual preferences vary, many people use rice, corn and quinoa as essential foods on a gluten-free diet. These staples can be used to make pasta, bread, cereals and other common foods.

Potatoes are also safe for a gluten-free diet, and they can be made into side dishes, pasta replacements or simply baked and eaten for a quick main dish. Meat, fruits and vegetables also make up a large portion of most gluten-free diets. Some people use a food dehydrator to make fruit or vegetable chips as a gluten-free snack food. Oats are also usually safe to eat, but some people do appear to have a sensitivity to them.

Processed foods can make up part of a gluten-free diet. There are gluten-free bread and cereal options, as well as safe microwave dinners and other fast foods. People with celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities should read the packaging carefully, however, because some may contain hidden forms of gluten, such as malt. Breaded and fried foods also sometimes contain gluten.

Most beers contain gluten and thus should not be part of a gluten-free diet, but there are some specialty options that are safe. Wine and liquor are usually safe, as are soft drinks, juices and most vegetable-based drinks. Cheese and dairy products are also usually fine.