How Is an Esophageal Neoplasm Treated?


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The treatment for esophageal neoplasm include surgical operation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and combined chemotherapy and radiation, as stated by Mayo Clinic. The side effects of cancer and cancer treatment can be managed through massage, acupuncture, relaxation techniques and guided imagery.

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The type of treatment a patient gets depends on the type of the cells that are affected, current health condition and treatment preferences of the patient, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Surgical operation is commonly done if the cancer has only affected the esophagus and has not yet spread to the nearby organs. A part or all the esophagus is usually removed through surgery, which may include minimally invasive surgery or open surgery.

Some cases where esophageal neoplasm has not spread may be treated using radiation therapy. If the condition of a patient does not allow surgery, combined chemotherapy and radiation is usually recommended, as stated by National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. Unfortunately, such cases indicated that the condition can no longer be cured.

Therefore, several measures are usually taken to help a patient swallow food easily. Change in diet is essential to reduce pain while swallowing food. Other techniques include widening the esophagus, placing a feeding tube into the stomach and photodynamic therapy, using drugs and light to strike the tumors.

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