What Do Eskimos Eat?


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People of the far north, often known collectively as "Eskimos," have traditionally subsisted on a diet that is exceedingly high in animal protein and fat. According to Discover Magazine, the diet is abnormally low in plant foods and dairy.

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What Do Eskimos Eat?
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The diet of an Inuit, Yupik or other northern native is conditioned by geographic location and degree of urbanization, explains Discover Magazine. People living in Western-style towns and cities tend to eat a Western-style diet. Nomads who live more traditionally eat caribou meat and sometimes the partially digested moss and lichens from the caribou's gut. Coastal populations have diets high in fish, seal, walrus and whale. Meat and blubber form the staple food from these sources though wild blueberries and salmonberries can be picked and eaten during the short spring.

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