What Is the Epley Maneuver?


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The Epley maneuver is a treatment to cure vertigo that results from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV, according to About.com. It aims at relocating the otoconia, which are calcium deposits in the inner ear, into various parts of the ear to prevent them from causing symptoms.

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What Is the Epley Maneuver?
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The Epley maneuver lasts for 15 minutes and is composed of four head positions, each lasting for an average of half a minute, explains About.com. To perform the Epley maneuver, a doctor turns the patient's head 45 degrees in the affected ear's direction, and slants the patient backward horizontally while maintaining the head's position until the vertigo disappears. The doctor turns the head 90 degrees in the unaffected ear's direction and rolls the patient in the same direction until another vertigo stops. Holding the patient in a sitting position and tilting the head 30 degrees down completes this process.

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