Why Do You Have Epileptic Seizures?


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A person has epilepsy seizures because of a disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain, according to Healthline. These electrical disturbances may happen when a person is exposed to a specific scenario, such as when a person becomes stressed or is sleep-deprived, states the Epilepsy Foundation.

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The specific cause of epilepsy varies depending on an individual's age, states the Epilepsy Foundation. In some people, no known cause of the condition is apparent. In some of these cases, the likely cause is hereditary. Other causes of epilepsy could include serious head injuries, tumors and strokes. One of the most common ways a person develops epilepsy is through a brain infection. While the infection could be successfully treated, the infection could leave scar tissue, which could change the structure of the brain.

In some people, epileptic seizures occur in a pattern, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. For example, a person's seizures may occur when she is trying to go to sleep or first waking up. People may also notice that their seizures occur when they are under stress or when they are not eating well. Some other common triggers for epileptic seizures include low blood sugar, sickness or fever, certain medicines, certain foods, or too much caffeine.

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