Do Epidural Injections Help Relieve Back Pain?


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Epidural injections can help relieve back pain stemming from radiculopathy and spinal stenosis, says WebMD. Nerve blocks and discography are two other ways to relieve those types of back pain.

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Do Epidural Injections Help Relieve Back Pain?
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Epidurals take place in doctors' offices and hospitals, according to WebMD. Anesthesiologists, interventional radiologists and physiatrists administer the injections. While the epidurals are not painful, they may lead to some tenderness for a couple of days. Other side effects include nausea and headaches, and in serious cases, infection and heavy bleeding.

Radiculopathy occurs with damage or inflammation of a nerve in the lower back or the neck, says WebMD. Pain is sharp and shoots into the legs or arm. Spinal stenosis occurs from a narrowing spine, which compresses the nerves. Heightened activity tends to increase the pain.

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