Is Ephedra Legal Again?


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According to Fox News, Ephedra is not illegal in registered, FDA approved medications. However, it was designated as a banned substance for use in dietary supplements in 2006, and has been illegal since.

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Ephedra viridis is a plant found in the Southwest of America. Fox News states that the plant contains ephedrine and pseudoephedrine alkaloids in reduced amounts when compared to the Asian form of the plant. Throughout its history, Ephedra has been used to treat colds, fevers, headaches and disorders of the bowels and stomach.

However, as Fox News explains, in higher doses ephedra can be used as a stimulant and performance enhancer. It can also cause adverse effects, including rapid heart rate. In extreme cases where the dose severely exceeds eight milligrams of the total alkaloids, it has been known to cause problems of the nervous system and even death.

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