How Do You Enjoy Running?


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Some ways to make running more enjoyable include playing with a Frisbee while you run and running with a dog. Leaving gadgets like heart rate monitors and mileage trackers at home can also make running feel less tedious.

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Running with a Frisbee can be an enjoyable change from plodding along a sidewalk. To run with a Frisbee, find a wide, open, grassy area and start tossing your Frisbee. Each time you toss it, sprint after it and try to catch it before it gets the chance to touch the ground. By doing so, you vary your speed and change patterns quickly, which encourages faster calorie burning.

Bringing your dog along for a run allows you to focus on something other than your own stride. Your dog's enthusiasm and energy helps keep your energy level up. If you don't have your own dog, consider borrowing a friend's dog for a few runs each week.

Gadgets like heart rate monitors can be useful, but they also tend to make running feel technical. Leaving the gadgets at home allows you to focus on other aspects of the run, such as the scenery and the evenness of your stride, which you may not pay much attention to when you're worried about your gadgets. Focusing on new elements helps make running more enjoyable.

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