What Are Some Embarrassing Physical Exams?


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Physical exams for females include breast and pelvic examinations, while those for men typically include tests involving the male genitalia, according to WebMD. These tests can feel embarrassing, but they serve an important function by checking for abnormalities, infections, lumps or any sign of cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions.

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As awkward as some physical examinations may be, they are crucial when it comes to the overall well-being of any individual. The main embarrassing female physical exams include breast exams, during which the breasts are checked for any lumps or abnormalities that could be an indication of breast cancer, explains WebMD. Pelvic exams check the vagina for any infections or abnormalities, and they can help diagnose any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. PAP and HPV tests aid is assessing risk facts for cervical cancer.

For men, embarrassing physical procedures include the examination of the testicles and penis for any abnormalities. Testicular exams are performed to find any lumps, abnormalities, tenderness or changes in size of re-existing lumps, any of which could indicate testicular cancer, states WebMD. Penis exams seek out any signs or symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Physicians routinely check the prostate gland in men to ensure it is the correct size and that there are no signs of inflammation or prostate cancer.

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