How Do You Eliminate Garlic Breath?


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To eliminate garlic breath, floss your teeth, brush them, use a tongue scraper and finish by using mouthwash. Other remedies include lemon, tea, gum, apple and milk.

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How Do You Eliminate Garlic Breath?
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Cleaning your mouth is necessary to get rid of garlic particles. If you do not clean your mouth, other remedies do not work as well because the particles are still there. The tongue scraper is necessary to remove sulfuric compounds on the tongue. The only way to completely avoid bad breath from garlic is to not eat it, as garlic leaves compounds in your mouth and lungs.

Lemon acid counteracts one of the odor-producing enzymes in garlic and kills bacteria. You can drink lemon juice or suck on a lemon wedge. Tea has polyphenols, which are antioxidants that reduce odor-causing chemicals in garlic. Green and peppermint tea work most effectively against garlic odors. The smell of gum masks garlic odor. Chewing gum also helps remove food particles between the teeth that continue to cause odor.

Apples have an enzyme that neutralizes sulphides, a chemical in garlic that produces odor. Milk also helps mask garlic odor, possibly due to its fat content. Remedies to garlic odor work most effectively when you use them while you eat garlic. You can add lemon juice or apple slices to some dishes that contain garlic, or drink tea while eating garlic.

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