How Do You Eliminate a Coated White Tongue?


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Eliminate a coated white tongue by using a tongue scraper to brush the tongue and by drinking lots of water, states Mayo Clinic. This condition is normally not serious, but if the tongue hurts or the white coating lasts for two weeks or more, consult with a physician.

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Smoking, dehydration, fever, dry mouth, certain medications and drinking large amounts of alcohol are possible causes of a coated white tongue, reports Mayo Clinic. Addressing these underlying causes can eliminate the white coating.

Leukopakia produces a white patch in the mouth due to an overproduction of cells in the mouth's lining, explains NHS Choices. The patient cannot brush the white patch away. Tongue irritation due to smoking and excessive alcohol intake may cause the condition to occur. In a few instances, leukoplakia becomes cancerous, so a doctor or dentist needs to monitor the condition.

Oral lichen planus causes white patches and lacy streaks on the tongue, states NHS Choices. Patients manage this immune system disorder by rinsing the mouth with antiseptic mouthwash combined with steroid sprays or rinses.

Oral thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth, causes sore white plaques on the tongue, notes NHS Choices. Doctors treat this condition with antifungal medication.

Syphillis, a bacterial infection spread through sexual contact, can cause a sore or ulcer on the tongue, according to NHS Choices. Doctors treat this with a dose of penicillin. Left untreated, syphilitic leukoplakia may develop, which is white plaques on the tongue.

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