Who Is Eligible for a Handicapped Parking Permit?


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A person is eligible for a handicapped parking permit when he is either visually impaired or has mobility problems. Such a person can be given either a red placard which is temporary or a blue placard which is permanent. The permit can only be used by the person with the disability or a person assisting the person with disability, according to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

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The receiver of a handicapped permit must have been issued with official medical documents confirming a disability prior to applying for the permit. Disability is classified as having difficulty in bodily coordination or being unable to see clearly. This means an individual who is partially blind, completely blind, lame, paralyzed or who has some other medical condition to the bodily structure may be issued with such a permit.

Various states may have different laws regarding handicapped parking requirements. However, it is common for all states to honor permits regardless of the place of issue. People who have lost their permits should notify the relevant authorities in order to initiate a process of replacement.

Handicapped parking permits help people with disabilities to have easy access to places such as the supermarket, restaurants, medical facilities and other important areas.

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