Where Do You Find an Electrode Placement Chart Online?


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An electrode placement chart is available on Medi-stim.com and Tensunitstoreonline.com. There are no definite body parts on which a person can place the electrodes, notes Medi-Stim, Inc. An electrode placement chart provides guidelines to determine the right sites for electrode placement.

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The chart indicates potential placement sites that are typical acupoints or trigger points. It also shows an area of a specific dermatome, a skin area of distribution of sensory nerves. Each spinal level has a nerve distribution area. For this case, the placement is done on the nerve root near the spine.

An electrode placement chart also provides steps for determining the area of pain through communication, states Medi-Stim, Inc. It offers a guide to locate the possible placement sites, which necessary for attaining a tender response through palpitation. A person should try to find at least three sensitive sites for placement. The electrodes are placed on three or four sites, and the remaining electrodes are applied to the nerve roots near the spines.

The placement patterns are different depending on the type of pain a person is trying to heal. Radiating pain requires the placement of the electrodes near the spine. For arm or joint pain, a person should place the electrodes near the area of pain.

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