What Is Ego Vapor Used For?


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Ego Vapor is the brand name for a line of electronic cigarettes that provide users with nicotine without the other harmful effects associated with organic cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are designed for smokers who seeking healthier alternatives or who want to wean themselves from smoking.

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EGO Vapor’s e-cigarettes do not require fire or burning of any sort. To activate, the user takes a puff or two on the e-cigarette, which has the dimensions of traditional cigarettes. An electronic airflow sensor detects the puffing and activates a lithium-ion battery operated vaporizer. When the puffing stops, the vaporizer automatically shuts off.

For cosmetic effect, the e-cigarette has an LED bulb at the tip to simulate the glow of a burning cigarette. The Ego Vapor e-cigarette comes in rechargeable and disposable options.

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