Do Eggs Contain Iron?

Eggs are a good source of iron, but the iron content of eggs can depend on its size or quantity. A large raw egg contains approximately 0.88 milligrams of iron while one cup of eggs has 4.25 milligrams, notes the United States Department of Agriculture - National Nutrient Database. There are many more nutrients found in eggs.

Eggs are also good sources of protein, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins and minerals, states WebMD. For example, one raw jumbo egg, which has a weight of 63 grams, contains 90 calories, 7.91 grams of protein, 5.99 grams of fats, 35 milligrams of calcium and 125 milligrams of phosphorus, according to the USDA. This serving size also contains 340 IU of vitamin A.

Cooked eggs still retain many of these nutrients. A large cooked egg contains 43.50 IU of vitamin D, 25 milligrams of calcium and 176.50 micrograms of lutein and zeaxanthin, states the World's Healthiest Foods. Lutein and zeaxanthin are important nutrients for eye health.