Are Eggo Waffles a Healthy Breakfast Choice?

eggo-waffles-healthy-breakfast-choice Credit: jeepersmedia/CC-BY-2.0

Eggo waffles are a relatively healthy choice for breakfast, according to the San Francisco Gate. Relatively low in cholesterol, at 15 milligrams, and relatively high in nine vitamins and nutrients, Eggo waffles can be part of a balanced breakfast.

Determining what constitutes healthy choices is not a wholly objective matter. Eggo waffles are, arguably, somewhat high in saturated fat and sodium, both in excess of 10% of the standard, recommended daily allowance, according to the Eggo website. The average person will not eat Eggo waffles unadorned, so consider that one may also consume high sugar syrups and butter or margarine relatively high in fat content, according to the San Francisco Gate. Also bear in mind that there are several varieties of Eggo waffles, some, with the "Nutri-Grain" imprint or with "Chocolate Chip," may be lower in calories, include whole grains, and be generally healthier.