What Are the Effects of Toxemia?


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Effects of toxemia include limited blood supply to the placenta leading to low birth weight, explains WebMD. It also leads to premature birth and complications such as learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and hearing problems. Additionally, this condition causes stroke, seizures, bleeding of the liver, heart failure and accumulation of water in the lungs. Toxemia is called preeclampsia.

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If undiagnosed, toxemia leads to eclampsia, states WebMD. Seizures in pregnant women indicate eclampsia. Preeclampsia mostly appears in the second trimester. The cure for toxemia is giving birth. Doctors also recommend bed rest, observation of fetal heart rate, urine tests, blood tests and taking medication to reduce blood pressure in patients with toxemia. Regular prenatal care checkups enable doctors to recognize symptoms of toxemia early. When diagnosed early, it is easy to manage.

Researchers suspect issues such as high body fat, genetic factors, poor nutrition and limited blood supply to the uterus cause toxemia, according to WebMD. Hypertension before a pregnancy, history of preeclampsia, obesity, multiple pregnancy and a history of medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney ailment and lupus increase the chances of developing toxemia. Symptoms of this condition include abdominal pain, eyesight issues, decreased urine output and rapid weight gain as a result of increased body fluid.

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