What are the effects of stress on getting heavy night sweats?


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Women who are experiencing night sweats as part of the menopause may find they worsen with stress, according to Iowa University. In addition, conditions like anxiety and taking depression medications can make night sweats worse, Mayo Clinic states. However, there are ways for people to address this issue at home, Healthline claims.

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Alongside drinking too much caffeine and alcohol, eating spicy foods, wearing tight clothing and cigarette smoke, stress can make night sweats worse, Iowa University states. There are several remedies available for women suffering from this condition, according to Healthline. This includes taking hormone therapies like estrogen, however this comes with the side effects of increasing the risk of blood clots and heart conditions.

Although antidepressants can exacerbate night sweats, some in low doses can prevent them, Healthline highlights. Some people may also take anti-seizure medications, however, they can cause drowsiness during the day. Rather than taking estrogen, some women choose to eat soy isoflavones, as they have estrogenic effects with fewer risks. Another alternative remedy is black cohosh, although more research is needed before its efficacy can be fully established. Individuals who would rather not take any medications for their night sweats can try meditating or yoga, both of which reduce the stress that makes them worse.

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