What Are the Effects of Smoking While Using Primatene Mist?


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Effects of smoking while using Primatene Mist include possibly triggering asthmatic attacks and reducing Primatene Mist's effectiveness; Primatene Mist users should avoid smoking cigarettes and smoke-filled environments, explains Armstrong Pharmaceuticals. Tobacco smoke, an environmental irritant, increases mucus, swelling and constricting of the airway passages, making breathing more difficult and causing other symptoms including wheezing and chest tightness. Primatene Mist, a nonprescription bronchodilator, treats such symptoms of asthma by widening the bronchioles, the tiny air passageways to the lungs.

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As of 2013, in the United States more than 21 percent of adults smoke cigarettes and have asthma, according to an article in U. S. Pharmacist. Cigarette smoke is among the most common asthma attack triggers for smokers and nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke, which includes exhaled smoke and smoke from tobacco products as they burn, contains thousands of chemicals and hundreds of known toxins. The smoke produces more than 70 potentially cancer-causing substances.

To avoid the negative effects of smoking, asthmatics should consider avoiding homes, hotels and restaurants that allow smokers, notes U.S. Pharmacist. Even when restaurants have smoking sections, they do not protect people who are prone to experiencing breathing problems in smoky environments. In addition to avoiding cigarette smoke, asthma treatment experts recommend patients use prescription products to treat asthma as they are more effective and safer than the nonprescription medications.

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