What Are the Effects of HELLP Syndrome?

What Are the Effects of HELLP Syndrome?

HELLP syndrome can cause a number of effects, including blood clots, kidney failure and liver rapture. HELLP syndrome occurs in 1 to 2 pregnancies out of 1000, according to MedlinePlus.

HELLP syndrome is a condition in which the individual affected has hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count. Hemolysis is the breakdown of red blood cells. Elevated liver enzymes signify poor functioning of the liver, while platelets are responsible for blood clotting, notes Healthline.

Women affected by this condition are at a risk of giving birth to babies that have not fully developed. The baby and mother may end up suffering from lung failure. Low platelet count may lead to poor clotting. This may result in excessive bleeding. The placenta may detach from the uterus before the baby is born.

Serious complications including kidney failure and liver rupture may occur. If not treated properly, the condition may lead to strokes and even death. If treated early, individuals with this condition are likely to get better after a short period of time.

Bed rest and medications to control blood pressure are among the most common treatment options. Magnesium sulfate, blood transfusions and close monitoring by the doctor are other options that may be used in treatment.