What Are the Effects of Dicalcium Phosphate?

Dicalcium phosphate, also known as phosphate salts or American ginseng, may cause insomnia, diarrhea, itching and headaches in some people, according to WebMD. In rare cases, a person may suffer from liver damage or have a severe allergic reaction to the supplement.

Phosphate salts may cause a rapid heartbeat as well as increased or decreased blood pressure, states WebMD. Women may experience breast tenderness or vaginal bleeding. It is important to avoid taking American ginseng during pregnancy, as it has been linked to birth defects.

American ginseng may lower blood sugar levels, therefore diabetic patients must monitor blood sugar levels on a regular basis, and the supplement should be stopped at least two weeks prior to any surgery, explains WebMD. American ginseng acts like estrogen if it contains ginsenosides, and it may be harmful for people who have been diagnosed with certain cancers such as breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

Those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia may become agitated or suffer from insomnia when taking large amounts of phosphate salts, notes WebMD. Patients who take the drug called Warfarin, also known as Coumadin, must avoid American ginseng. The interaction between the two medications causes the Warfarin to decrease its effectiveness and may lead to clotting.