What Are Some Effective Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol?


Reducing alcohol intake gradually is an effective method to quit drinking altogether, according to Drinkaware. For alcoholics looking to make serious changes in their behavior, treatment may require a 12-step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous, notes WebMD.

In the beginning, an individual can establish several alcohol-free days each week, gradually adding another alcohol-free day several weeks later and continuing this habit until there are no drinking days left. For a heavy drinker or alcoholic, the gradual decrease in drinking days may make it easier to quit for good because the alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be easier to manage, states Drinkaware.

Social drinkers may need to evaluate their social community to quit drinking successfully. A drinker should distance himself from friends who encourage drinking as a form of social engagement. Drinkers ready to quit should avoid triggers such as going to bars, restaurants or other social events where alcohol is readily available. To fill up the time that would normally involve drinking, individuals should take up hobbies that do not involve drinking. Group therapy, rehabilitation programs, detoxification and family counseling are also successful treatments to help individuals quit drinking alcohol, explains WebMD.