What Are Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Moles?


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One way to get rid of moles effectively is to have them surgically removed, says the American Academy of Dermatology. During a surgical procedure, the mole is excised by the dermatologist, and the incision is stitched closed.

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If a malignancy is suspected, the tissue is sent to a lab for further analysis. Another way to remove a mole, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, is for the dermatologist to shave it off carefully with a surgical blade. The mole should not grow back. If it does, it might be a sign of skin cancer.

A mole can also be cauterized, or burned out, claims WebMD. In this procedure, the dermatologist also shaves the mole till it is level with the skin or a bit below it. Then, a cauterizing tool burns the mole away. After that, the surgical site is covered with a dressing. This is usually an outpatient procedure.

If the surgical wound needs to be stitched, the stitches can either be removed later or absorbed by the body, according to WebMD. This depends on how large and deep the mole is. Removable stitches that were applied to the face are removed after about a week, while stitches that were applied elsewhere can take as long as three weeks before they're removed.

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