What Are Some Effective Treatments for Yeast Infections?


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The standard treatment for yeast infection is the topical application of antifungal medication to the affected area, according to MedicineNet. Some common over-the-counter yeast infection preparations include Mycelex or Lotrimin, which contain clotrimazole, and Micantin or Monistat, which contain miconazole. Treatment length varies from one to seven days.

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When topical medications prove ineffective or for people who experience recurrent bouts of yeast infection, doctors may prescribe oral antifungal medications in tablet or pill forms, notes MedicineNet. These include Diflucan or Sporanox. Some women may need to take these drugs monthly or weekly to prevent recurring infection.

Doctors prescribe the same types of medications to treat yeast infections in men, notes MedicineNet. These include antifungal medications in both oral and topical forms.

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