What Are Some Effective Treatments for Toe Pain?


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Effective treatments for toe pain include soaking the toe in water, switching to different shoes, performing stretching exercises, taking medication and undergoing a surgical procedure, according to WebMD. The right toe pain treatment strongly depends on the underlying cause. Conditions that may cause toe pain include claw toe, arthritis and ingrown toenails.

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What Are Some Effective Treatments for Toe Pain?
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Effective treatments for claw toe include orthotics, stretching the toes and their joints, wearing a shoe insert, wearing only footwear that fits well and undergoing surgery, WebMD explains. A claw toe may become especially painful if the patient does not wear accommodating footwear. Claw toe is a condition in which the end of the toe is pointing downward or upward, as the muscles that would straighten it are too weak. It typically develops due to nerve damage caused by alcoholism or diabetes.

Treatments for toe pain resulting from arthritis or gout include rest, restricting the diet, taking medication on a daily basis, taking pain relievers, and taking prednisone and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, reports WebMD. Pain from gout often appears in the big toe. In patients suffering from gout, crystals accumulate in joints, leading to swollen and painful joints.

Ingrown toenail treatments include soaking the skin underneath the nail and placing gauze in the gap as well as leaving the foot to soak in lukewarm water several times per day, notes WebMD. An ingrown toenail may lead to an infection if left untreated. If the ingrown toenail does not respond to treatment, sufferers should seek medical help immediately.

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