What Are Some Effective Treatments for a Swollen Ankle?


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Icing the ankle is an efficient method of treating a swollen ankle, according to WebMD. Wrapping the ankle with an elastic bandage helps reduce swelling and holds the ankle in place for the healing process to begin.

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What Are Some Effective Treatments for a Swollen Ankle?
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Ankle edema occurs when the lymph fluids leak into the tissue around the ankle instead of being transported to the lymph nodes, notes Progressive Health. The cause of the lymph tissue leaking is often due to injury to the ankle. It may also be caused by the tissue being deficient of oxygen due poor oxygen transportation by the body to the ankle. Poorly oxygenated tissue becomes highly hydrophilic and absorbs and retains more water.

Elevating the ankle is a good way of treating the swelling, as elevation helps the lymph fluids circulate better around the area, recommends WebMD. Individuals should use crutches to avoid exerting too much pressure on the ankle.

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