What Are Effective Treatments for Relief of Foot Arch Pain?

What Are Effective Treatments for Relief of Foot Arch Pain?

Some treatments for arch pain include ice, rest and pain relief medicine, such as ibuprofen. Other remedies include stretching, a night splint and weight loss. More serious injury may require steroid shots. Rarely is surgery necessary, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Arch pain is often a result of plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament in the foot. Pain is often worse in the mornings, due to the tendon tightening through the night. A special night split keeps the foot flexed through the night to relieve morning pain, explains WebMD. Arch pain is often exacerbated by tight calves and legs, so sufferers should also include daily leg stretches into their routines.

Another way to ease arch pain is through ice therapy. Those with arch pain can freeze a cup of water, place it under the foot and rub it back and forth for five to seven minutes. The ice helps ease inflammation, and the cup massages the area, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Those suffering from arch pain should also wear supportive shoes and custom inserts. Runners should replace shoes every 500 miles, according to the Mayo Clinic. Weight loss can also help, as it reduces pressure on the feet, recommends WebMD.

Most cases of arch pain are successfully treated with simple measures, says the Mayo Clinic. However, steroid injections are another option. Injections can weaken the plantar facia, however, so multiple shots are not recommended.