What Are Some Effective Treatments for Morton's Neuroma?


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Treatment options for Morton's neuroma include shoe inserts, steroid injections, decompression surgery and nerve removal procedures, as listed by Mayo Clinic. Lifestyle remedies such as changing footwear, massaging with ice and resting the affected foot may also be helpful.

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Foot pads and arch supports placed inside the patient's shoes may relieve pressure on the nerve, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients can purchase over-the-counter products or ask their doctor to prescribe a custom insert. If conservative treatments are unsuccessful, a steroid injection may provide pain relief. If the patient chooses decompression surgery, the surgeon attempts to relieve pressure by cutting bones, ligaments and other structures from the affected area of the foot. Permanent removal of the growth is an often successful option, but it may cause complications such as permanent numbness of the toes.

Patients should choose shoes with plenty of toe space, avoiding high heels and tight-fitting shoes, as instructed by Mayo Clinic. They may also freeze a paper cup filled with water to roll over the affected area. Avoiding activities such as jogging and dancing for several weeks may also be helpful. For fast pain relief, patients can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as naproxen and ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

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