What Are Some Effective Treatments for Gastrointestinal Gas?


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Effective treatments for gastrointestinal gas include drinking more water, avoiding carbonated or alcoholic drinks, and taking gas medicine, according to WebMD. Changing dietary habits and learning to swallow less air may also reduce gastrointestinal gas.

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What Are Some Effective Treatments for Gastrointestinal Gas?
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Beano is a food enzyme product added to foods that cause gas, explains WebMD. It breaks down the sugars in grains and vegetables that commonly cause gas. Some people take antacids because they allow them to belch gas away more easily. Activated charcoal tablets can reduce the odor associated with gastrointestinal gas.

In order to add good bacteria to the digestive tract and kill harmful bacteria, some people take probiotics, notes WebMD. If the cause of the gas is lactose intolerance, lactase products may be helpful. If the gas is a result of a digestive disorder, such as irritable bowel syndrome, a doctor may prescribe specific drugs to help gas to move through the digestive tract more quickly.

A person's diet is usually the major cause of gas, according to WebMD. If gastrointestinal gas becomes problematic, it may be necessary to seek dietary advice from a health care professional. Because some foods that cause gas also contain essential nutrients, it is important to figure out a diet plan that reduces gas without reducing nutritional value. A physician may also prescribe a prescription medication to reduce gas if necessary.

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