What Are Effective Treatments for Edema in the Right Leg?


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Depending on the cause, edema in the leg may be treated with blood thinners or diuretics, according to WebMD. Proper treatment of the underlying cause is the best way to treat edema.

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What Are Effective Treatments for Edema in the Right Leg?
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Swelling in the leg, ankle or foot is generally caused by an infection or blood clots in the leg, aging, poor blood circulation in the veins, and being overweight, according to MedlinePlus. Additional causes include injury or surgery to the legs or lower extremities, long car or plane rides, extended periods of standing, and pregnancy. Edema in the legs may be a sign of too much body fluid caused by heart, liver or kidney disease. Certain medications also have swelling side effects, including steroids, hormones, antidepressants and blood pressure medicines.

Fluid blockage from a blood clot may be effectively treated by removing the clot with blood thinners, reports WebMD. In some cases, if the obstruction is a tumor, it can be reduced or removed through surgery and possibly chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In patients with congestive heart failure or liver disease, a water pill or other diuretic may be effective.

Other treatments for managing edema include raising the legs above the heart, exercise, reducing sodium intake, wearing loose clothing and maintaining a healthy weight, states MedlinePlus. For leg edema, wearing support stockings may also help the condition.

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