What Are Some Effective Treatments for Brain Atrophy?


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Effective treatments for brain atrophy include medication, nonmedication therapy, increasing brain activity, regular exercise and eating balanced diets rich in antioxidant fruits and vegetables, claims Healthgrades. The treatments aim to improve the symptoms and complications of the condition, as there is no cure for brain atrophy.

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Medication options for dementia symptoms alter the volume of chemicals that regulate brain signalling or improve cognitive impairment. Taking anti-convulsive medicines treats seizures. Nonmedication therapy includes physical therapy to enhance function and performance of daily activity in patients with dementia symptoms and delay loss of muscle control. Cognitive therapy improves the quality of life, whereas speech therapy reduces the effect of aphasia, reports Healthgrades.

Treating the underlying cause of brain atrophy such as traumatic brain injury, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease improves the symptoms. Patients should also lead a healthy lifestyle by increasing brain activity, engaging in regular exercise and taking a balanced diet full of antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Alternative treatments include dietary supplements, acupuncture and massage therapy, notes Healthgrades.

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