What Are the Most Effective Treatments for a Blocked Parotid Gland?


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The most effective treatments for a blocked parotid, a salivary gland, can be sour candy, a warm compress or surgery, depending on the blockage's cause, according to WebMD. Antibiotics are most effective in treating bacterial infections that create cysts, which can cause blockages.

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If salivary stones cause the blockage, removing the stones manually, applying compresses or sucking on candy to stimulate saliva flow can resolve the problem, notes WebMD. When simple measures do not relieve the blockage, or if a tumor is blocking the gland or its ducts, the patient requires surgery. Surgically removing a parotid tumor, such as a benign pleomorphic adenoma, or a large cyst, is generally the most effective treatment. Treating malignancies, such as adenocarcinomas, may require post-surgery radiation and chemotherapy to prevent the cancer's return.

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