What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Retrolisthesis?


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The most effective treatment for retrolisthesis is a combination of rest and avoidance of strenuous activities, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications, including over the counter NSAID drugs, says MedicineNet. Cortisone shots for patients with pain and numbness in the legs are also effective treaments.

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Home remedies include alternating applications of ice and heat to the affected area, says MedicineNet. Surgery is an option when the more conservative treatments fail to bring relief. The physician performs decompression surgery to take pressure from nerves affected by the slipped vertebrae. The surgeon might also fuse the two vertebrae in the area together to stabilize the spinal column. The patient's prognosis improves if he has physical therapy after the operation.

Retrolisthesis is a form of spondylolisthesis in which a vertebra slips backward against the vertebra next to it, states MedicineNet.

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