What Are Some Effective Treatment Options for Spider Veins?


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Effective treatment options for spider veins include sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatments, radiofrequency occlusion and surface lasers, according to WebMD. Lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and practicing good skin hygiene, can also improve spider veins.

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In sclerotherapy, a doctor injects a concentrated saline solution into a vein, causing it to slowly disappear within six weeks, notes WebMD. During an endovenous laser treatment, a doctor inserts a very small laser fiber into a vein and delivers pulses of laser light to destroy the vein. To perform radiofrequency occlusion, the doctor inserts a catheter into the vein. The catheter sends radiofrequency energy to the vein, which causes the vein to heat up and close. Surface lasers use heat energy to destroy abnormal veins.

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