What Are Some of the Effective Treatment Options for Pharyngitis?


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Effective treatment options for pharyngitis may be antibiotics or home care, depending on the cause, according to Healthline. Bacterial causes of the infection can require prescription antibiotics. Viral infections call for over-the-counter pain relievers, humidifier use and additional home remedies.

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Other home remedies that help viral pharyngitis include gargling with salt water, resting, drinking plenty of fluids and using throat lozenges, Healthline reports. Home remedies treat the symptoms of pharyngitis caused by viruses because viral infections don't respond to antibiotics.

Pharyngitis can be a symptom of a variety of viral and bacterial infections, Heathline explains. They can include cold, flu, strep and mononucleosis. Childhood diseases such as whooping cough, chickenpox and measles also cause pharyngitis. A blood test or throat culture can often determine the culprit. Other causes of pharyngitis include second-hand smoke, allergies and sinus infections.

Symptoms of pharyngitis vary depending on the cause, Healthline states. In addition to sore throat, patients may also experience swollen lymph nodes, sneezing, muscle aches and fever. Other symptoms include fatigue, a red throat, loss of appetite and difficulty swallowing. Patients should see a doctor if they have experienced a sore throat for over a week or have swollen lymph nodes, a rash or a high fever.

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