What Is an Effective Treatment for Nail Psoriasis?


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Corticosteroids, either in topical or injectable form, effectively treats nail psoriasis. However, the use of these steroid hormones has been documented to cause adverse side effects, notes the National Psoriasis Foundation.

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Nail psoriasis poses a difficult challenge to medical specialists since the condition affects the nail as it forms, states Healthline. Topical steroid creams are either applied onto the nail or injected into each affected nail. However, patients who use corticosteroids to treat nail psoriasis may develop the condition called "disappearing digits." This leads to the impairment of the distal phalanx, which is the bony structure at the end of the fingers and toes.

Experts developed a safer substitute to corticosteroids in the form of calcitriol, with brand name drug Vectical. This ointment effectively manages one of the commonly associated symptoms of nail psoriasis through a marked reduction in nail thickness.

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