What Are Some Effective Stomach Exercises for Men?


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Exercises that target the body's abdominal muscles include sit-ups, crunches, side crunches and leg lifts. Each exercise works a different section of the abdomen to create a strong core. The coveted "six pack" is a result of toned and strengthened rectus abdominus muscles and is the most common workout target.

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What Are Some Effective Stomach Exercises for Men?
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Sit-ups and crunches are the most well-known exercises for the rectus abdominus, which is the muscle connecting the pectorals to the pelvis. Sit-ups involve the person lying down on his back with feet flat on the floor and arms crossed, then using the abs, hip flexors and chest to move to an upright position before lowering. Crunches, meanwhile, use a smaller movement focused more on the abdominals. The person contracts the muscle until his lower body lifts from the floor.

Side crunches work the same as regular crunches. However, the person places his legs on the ground to one side. Doing a crunch this way works the obliques, or the muscles that connect the rectus abdominus to the back.

The plank is another exercise for the core. It involves getting in position for a push-up but using the forearms for support. The core muscles are used to hold the torso parallel to the ground.

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