What Are Some Effective Remedies for Hot Flashes?


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Remedies for hot flashes include hormone therapy, taking antidepressants, taking anti-seizure medications, and avoiding certain foods and drinks, states Mayo Clinic. Losing weight if necessary and quitting smoking may also reduce hot flashes.

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Estrogen and progesterone may help relieve hot flashes, explains Mayo Clinic. Taking the two hormones together helps prevent contracting endometrial cancer; however, a woman who has undergone hysterectomy can take estrogen alone. Taking bazedoxifene along with conjugated estrogens may help relieve symptoms of menopause. As of 2015, studies are in progress to determine if the drug can effectively prevent cancer. A person who has had breast cancer or blood clots should not take estrogen.

Brisdelle is the best antidepressant for hot flashes, according to Mayo Clinic. Paroxetine, fluoxetine and venlafaxine can reduce symptoms as well. Side effects include weight gain, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, headache and nausea. Patients may also experience dry mouth, dizziness and withdrawal syndrome. Gabapentin can help reduce seizures; however, the drug may cause headaches, dizziness and drowsiness.

Caffeinated drinks, alcohol, hot foods and spicy foods can worsen hot flashes, states Mayo Clinic. Undertaking stress-reducing activities, such as deep breathing and meditation, may aid in alleviating the problem. Lowering room temperature and generally keeping cool may also be helpful.

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