How Effective Are Pumpkin Seed Extracts in Combating DHT?

Pumpkin seed oil is an effective treatment for blocking DHT, according to The pumpkin seed oil contains delta-7 sterine, a steroid that blocks the build up of DHT in the follicles of the hair. This oil is used both topically and orally.

In addition to pumpkin seed oil, there are a number of other treatments used to treat DHT, claims Saw palmetto supplements are one of these treatments, and the berries from the tree have been shown to block DHT. Another option for blocking DHT is pygeum. It is most effective when used together with saw palmetto.

In addition to using pygeum and saw palmetto to block DHT, many people find that adding stinging nettles into the mix can also effectively block DHT, explains Stinging nettle is taken orally in a tincture in most instances. It is important to realize that these treatments do not stop hair loss overnight, but research exists that shows that supplements work very well as long as the individual is consistent. It is also recommended that individuals take supplements that promote healthy hair growth. These include vitamin C, biotin, vitamin E and niacin. Supplements such as iron, zinc and vitamin A also help the hair to grown in faster and thicker.