How Effective Is a Lean Cuisine Diet in Terms of Weight Loss?


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According to the EmaxHealth website, Lean Cuisine meals are effective in terms of weight loss. However, that weight loss may be made more effective by making certain additions to meals instead of relying solely on the prepackaged content.

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How Effective Is a Lean Cuisine Diet in Terms of Weight Loss?
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EmaxHealth explains that Lean Cuisine meals are effective at weight loss in part because they teach the dieter portion control. Those who are accustomed to overeating may come to associate the lower-calorie smaller portions as a normal meal portion and apply that moderation to the rest of their diets. However, some dieters have reported still feeling hungry after consuming a Lean Cuisine meal. Such dieters can supplement their Lean Cuisine meals with additional vegetables in order to better fill themselves up on something healthy.

EmaxHealth cites a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign regarding the use of frozen meals as a weight loss tool. This study involved one group selecting and preparing their own meals based on food-pyramid suggestions, while another group used prepackaged meals and supplemented them with food-pyramid-recommended items. While both groups in the study lost weight, those who supplemented their frozen meals lost 16.3 pounds, which is over 5 pounds more lost than those who cooked their own food using health guidelines.

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