How Effective Are Insect Curtains?


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Insect curtains, such as the mosquito netting curtains offered at Mosquito Curtains.com, are effective against mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, bees, yellow flies and other flying insects, notes the retailer. US Netting's outdoor insect curtains also provide adequate protection against pesky bugs.

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Mosquito Curtains.com offers a removable option to permanent screening with its mosquito netting curtains. These versatile enclosures can be closed off during the night to keep out insects and unfastened during the day for that stylish look of outdoor drapes, explains Apartment Therapy.

US Netting manufactures custom-made open-air mosquito curtains constructed from high-quality, no-see-um commercial-grade netting with smaller and tighter holes compared to standard products. These curtains effectively deter even the smallest insects, including sand flies or biting midges, notes US Netting.

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