Are There Any Effective Home Treatments for Kids With Asthma?


Effective home remedies for children with asthma are avoiding triggers and maintaining health, states Mayo Clinic. Lifestyle changes and home remedies can help maintain health and lesson the possibility of asthma attacks, although many people with asthma must rely on medications to prevent and relieve symptoms.

To avoid triggers, use an air conditioner to reduce pollen, control humidity and limit dust mites, Mayo Clinic explains. Decor changes can also be effective. Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-proof covers, choose hardwood flooring or linoleum instead of carpeting, and choose washable window treatments.

Controlling indoor humidity with a dehumidifier and preventing mold spores are also effective treatments. Clean damp areas in kitchens and bathrooms regularly so mold does not develop. Rid the yard of moldy leaves, and store damp firewood away from the house, suggests Mayo Clinic. Controlling pet dander is also effective in controlling asthma symptoms. Avoid pets with fur or feathers, and have pets bathed regularly.

Stay healthy to prevent asthma attacks by getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and eating fruits and vegetables, states Mayo Clinic. Controlling indigestion or acid reflux is helpful as well. Breathing techniques, acupuncture, relaxation, and taking herbal remedies and omega-3 supplements may also be effective.