What Are Some Effective Home Treatments for Gout in the Feet?


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Effective home treatments for gout in the foot include rest; careful food and drink selection; plenty of water; and icing the foot if the affected joint can tolerate the pressure, according to WebMD. Standard nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, may also be helpful. Doctors often prescribe higher doses for gout.

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Gout can be extremely painful and very sensitive to even the slightest pressure, says WebMD. While the foot rests, keep it elevated on pillows or other soft objects. Avoid certain vegetables, fish and organ meats, as well as alcoholic beverages and beverages sweetened with fructose. Sufficient water intake helps keep the concentrations of uric acid, the chemical that causes gout, low and the condition manageable. In addition to the painkillers that help with gout symptoms, doctors often prescribe medications such as colchicine to help prevent attacks.

The most common site for gout attacks is at the base of the big toe, explains WebMD. The inflammation from this condition is not constant but tends to occur in periodic bouts. An attack of gout usually begins with an itching, burning or tingling feeling in the affected joint, and it usually feels stiff and slightly sore. The joint then usually swells and reddens as the attack progresses. Other conditions can cause similar symptoms, so unless a person is diagnosed with gout, he should seek medical attention.

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