What Is an Effective Home Treatment for Eye Styes?


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Applying warm compresses or using over-the-counter products are generally effective treatments for eye styes, according to WebMD. Avoid squeezing or opening the stye, and avoid using contact lenses or eye makeup for better healing.

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Applying a warm, wet compress to the stye area typically hastens the healing process, explains WebMD. Apply the compress five to 10 minutes three to six times per day. Over-the-counter treatments to try include medicated pads, eye cleansing solutions or ointments.

Consult a medical professional if the stye does not improve with home treatment, according to WebMD. Some styes may require prescription eye drops, antibiotic eye ointment or antibiotic pills. A large stye may need to be pierced by a doctor for proper drainage and healing.

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