What Are the Most Effective Home Remedies for Nerve Pain?


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Some of the most effective home remedies for nerve pain include exercising regularly, limiting alcohol and caffeine use, taking warm baths, and using topical ointments or oils, according to WebMD. Meditation can also help ease nerve pain.

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Because alcohol harms nerves, a good remedy for nerve pain is to skip alcohol altogether or limit alcoholic drinks to only four per week, advises WebMD. During periods of extreme nerve pain, an individual can soak the affected area or the entire body in warm water. Water helps increase blood flow, a natural pain reliever for nerves. If the nerve pain is a result of diabetes, controlling blood sugar through a healthy diet is the answer. A diabetic's feet are usually the main conduits of nerve pain and should be pampered and well cared for to prevent injuries and infections.

Another effective home remedy for nerve pain, exercise produces endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers, notes WebMD. Like warm water, exercise helps improve blood flow, which in turn reduces nerve pain. Meditation and other relaxation techniques, such as guided imagery and biofeedback, can help manage nerve pain as well. Ointments and botanical oils can also help relieve pain. For instance, geranium oil is a natural pain reliever.

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