What Are Some Effective Home Remedies for Hangovers?


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Good home remedies for a hangover include bananas, ginger root, warm water with honey and lemon, sports drinks, and clear liquids such as plain soup, reports HowStuffWorks. Applying an ice compress helps ease a headache, while fresh apple juice reduces hangover symptoms by increasing blood sugar levels. Drinking lots of water also helps cure a hangover.

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Because drinking too much alcohol depletes the body's potassium levels, it helps to eat a few bananas to replenish lost potassium, explains HowStuffWorks. Ginger effectively relieves nausea and similarly alleviates hangover symptoms. Experts recommend drinking ginger ale or brewing ginger tea by boiling four cups of water and up to 12 slices of fresh ginger root for 10 minutes. After brewing, it's a good idea to add fresh juice from one orange and half a lemon, along with 1/2 cup of honey.

A warm drink consisting of honey and lemons also cures hangover by providing the body with fructose, which reduces headaches associated with fast changes in alcohol levels, according to HowStuffWorks. Individuals experiencing stomach upset during a hangover should avoid orange juice and other acidic juices.

To sustain the body's need for energy, experts suggest starting with clear liquids and then gradually consuming plain toast, rice and other foods that are easy to digest, notes HowStuffWorks. Sport drinks hydrate the body and also provide electrolytes and glucose.

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