What Are Effective Home Remedies for a Dry Cough?


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Some home remedies to treat a dry cough include staying hydrated, drinking tea with honey and taking a hot shower, according to WebMD. Other home remedies include removing irritants from the air, such as air freshener and taking over-the-counter medications.

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What Are Effective Home Remedies for a Dry Cough?
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Drinking liquids help to keep the mucous membranes moist, eliminating a dry cough, explains WebMD. This is especially true in the winter. Hot tea with honey is also helpful to get rid of a dry cough as it helps to ease the throat. Another way to ease the throat is with humidity, so using a humidifier may also help to ease a dry cough. A steamy shower may also work.

It is also important to remove irritants from the area, including air freshener, smoke and perfume, claims WebMD. For some people, these irritants can even cause a chronic cough that does not go away unless they are removed from the air.

Over-the-counter cough medications can also help to ease a dry cough, states WebMD. There are two main types of medications, decongestants and cough suppressants. Decongestants help to dry up a cough, so a cough suppressant is best for a dry cough. If a person knows what is causing a cough, such as an environmental factor, the person should avoid these areas. A dry cough that is caused by an underlying condition, such as asthma, may need to be treated by a doctor.

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