What Are Effective Fever Blister Treatments?


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For an initial outbreak of fever blisters, oral antiviral medication is sometimes recommended to improve healing time and reduce pain caused by the outbreak, according to WebMD. For recurrent fever blisters, topical creams or ointments can be used, and for people suffering from frequent outbreaks, oral antiviral medications may also be prescribed. Several over-the-counter creams and ointments are available that can hasten healing and reduce pain and itching.

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Alternative medicine solutions are also available, including taking vitamin C and lysine supplements to minimize the effects of the fever blisters, according to WebMD. To speed healing, Vitamin C can be taken orally in pill form or applied directly to the skin in liquid or cream form. Lemon balm or zinc oxide creams can also be applied to the affected area to promote healing.

Because a first outbreak of fever blisters can be quite painful and can prevent regular eating and drinking, it is important to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water, according to WebMD. During a first outbreak, both adults and children often benefit from a medicated prescription-strength mouthwash that helps to reduce pain. In people with weakened immune systems, it may be necessary to take higher doses of anti-viral medications to control severe outbreaks. Antibiotics are prescribed to treat secondary bacterial infections that may occur.

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