What Are Some Effective Exercises for Women to Reduce Back Fat?

What Are Some Effective Exercises for Women to Reduce Back Fat?

The bent-over circular row, push and touch, and crisscross reverse fly are effective exercises for eliminating back fat, according to Health.com. Cardiovascular exercises also help get rid of fat, states Women's Health.

The bent-over circular row is for the mid and upper back, states Health.com. It involves holding 5- to 8-pound weights while bending the upper body parallel to the floor. With hands and weights held out towards the floor and parallel to each other, the user then circles the weights counterclockwise.

The push and touch is for the upper back and shoulders, according to Health.com. The starting position for this exercise involves holding weights in each hand as the person holds her arms out in front of her, parallel to the ground with palms up. From the start position, the person raises her arms above her head and then back down to the starting position.

The starting position of the crisscross reverse fly involves standing with knees bent and upper body tilted forward, according to Health.com. In each hand, the person holds 5- to 8-pound weights with her arms crossed at the wrist in front of her knees. The person then raises her arms to shoulder height and back down to the starting position.

Cardiovascular exercises help burn fat and get rid of back fat, states Women's Health. Examples of cardiovascular exercises include swimming, running, basketball and biking, according to Everyday Health. For a cardiovascular workout, a person should aim for a heart rate that is approximately 220 minus her age times 0.7.