What Are the Most Effective Exercises for Lowering Cholesterol?

The most effective exercises for lowering cholesterol include walking, cycling and swimming, according to WebMD. Using an exercise machine at a low speed is also an excellent way to lower cholesterol levels. The United Kingdom's National Health Service recommends performing moderate-intensity exercises for 150 minutes per week, and the American Heart Association recommends working in up to 30 minutes of exercise daily. To lose weight, the American Heart Association recommends exercising for an hour each day.

An effective way to lower cholesterol is to find a hobby that promotes physical activity, such as joining a sports team, swimming or bicycling, notes WebMD. Exercising with a friend can be beneficial, as a partner can provide moral support and make workout sessions more enjoyable. Performing a variety of different physical activities keeps exercise from becoming monotonous and also works out a variety of different muscles.

In addition to exercising, it is important to follow a healthy diet, adopt better eating habits, reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking, notes Mayo Clinic. Losing weight reduces cholesterol levels, so it may be necessary to make some lifestyle changes. Even minor physical activity is beneficial, so it is important to incorporate it into a daily routine whenever possible.